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DIVISION  Enlisted, Command
RANK  Command Master Chief Petty Officer
CURRENT BILLET  Command Master Chief of Task Force (Chief of the Boat)
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT  U.S.S. Chillicothe, Gypsy Fleet
COMMANDING OFFICER  Commander Vincent Chassuer
- -
NAME  Men'ok, Brea
SPECIES  Cardassian/Bajoran
HEIGHT  1.85m
WEIGHT  95.25kg
HAIR  Black
EYES  Blue
- -
HOMEWORLD  Notah District, Cardassia Prime 
 Porin Province, Bajor
DATE OF BIRTH  December 26th, 2372
     SPOUSE  -
     MOTHER  Poni Men'ok - [Cardassian/Female/67 STY/Deceased] 
     STEP-MOTHER  Lim Kodran - [Bajoran/Female/73 STY/Deceased]
     FATHER  Lim Dora - [Bajoran/Male/83 STY] 
     SIBLINGS  Lim Tanka - [Bajoran/Male/51 STY] 
 Lim Relia - [Bajoran/Female/43 STY] 
- -
HOBBIES/INTERESTS  Brea is a teacher to the core, and most of his primary interests involve 
 academic or intellectual persuits.  Brea is a lover of artwork in all it's forms,
 and has committed some time to the studies of architecture and sculpture.  A 
 man who much rather collect himself with a good, epic novel or a book of 
 poems and sonnets, rather then loosing himself in a holodeck, Brea has a large
 collection of ancient books written in a brevy of differant languages.  Born with
 a true lust for learning, especially when it comes to food, Brea is always willing
 to experiment at least once with a new, cultural food dish.  A worshiper of the
 Bajoran faith and a follower of the Cardassian dogma, Brea has invested a 
 great deal of time in to the cultural practices of both the cultures of his heritage.
 A firm believer in physical fitness, Brea most notable 'non-intellectual' interest
 would be wieght-lifting (though he does enjoy most other popular physical
 activities, and even a few human sports, such as basketball). 

     Men'ok Brea spent the earliest period of his life living on a Cardassia in turmoil.  Born only two short years after the Dominion war, Men'ok's mother (Poni Men'ok) was one of the primary political spokespersons responsible for the Democratic Cardassian Republic, in the wake of the shattered Cardiassian Union.
     Beyond the political turmoil, dozens of races were making it a point to take advantage of Cardassia's weakness and were using the oppertunity to wreak revenge upon the 'spoon-head' race for it's it's past transgressions.  None more so (or perhaps with as just a cause) as the Bajorans.  Against the decree of the Bajoran Provisional Government, hundreds of renegade Bajoran ships set sail for the banks of Cardassia, with the intent to rape, murder, pillage, and whatever else might come to mind, in relatiation of a seven year past occupation of their world.  Poni Men'ok was the victim of such a rape.  Brea's father, Lim Dora, flew to Cardassia to seek revenge on the Cardassian people for taking his wife from him in the last days of the Occupation. Little did he know that his raping of a seemingly helpless Cardassian woman would eventually lead to the birth of a son who would come to seek him out, looking for answers regarding his life.
     Poni Men'ok became pregnant, and carried the child to term.  She used the child's continued existance as a moral and political stance, and in doing so, imparted upon herself a martyr's aura.  Her cause, the Democratic Cardassian Republic, became the front running idealism for the reborn Cardassia, and eventually became the staple for the Cardassian government, as it is known today.  At one of the final rallies before the Cardassia accepted her democratic ideals, Poni Men'ok was killed in a Bajoran raid similar to the one that had left her with child ten years prior.  Her supporters used her death to illustrate the point that Cardassia had made to many enemies in it's earliest days, and that they now needed to open relations further.  Poni Men'ok became the matyr she seeked to be.
     Following his mother's death, by decree of her final wishes, Men'ok Brea was sent to live in a temple-orphanage on Bajor, just outside Porin Province.  It was there he learned most of his Bajoran culture, include the religion in which he follows.  He also sought out his wayward father, and learned of his half-siblings.  His father, ashamed of his past, rejected him and scorned Brea, leaving a deep psychological scar.  The only family Brea was allowed to know in the later years of his youth were the clergy of the Porin Province Temple, and even they weren't overly fond of him.  Hatred dies hard.  Predjudice and racial enmity die even harder.  Brea remained on Bajor until he turned seventeen, and then travelled to Earth to join Starfleet.
     Originally, he had applied for Starfleet just to get away.  He knew he had no life on Bajor, and he knew that at least in Starfleet, he might find somewhere where he could settle down.  Perhaps, if the Prophets were willing, to actually have a family.  Instead, however, he found a passion for what he did in the military.  At the Academy he developed friendships for the first time, and he by grace of his lust for learning, he more then excelled in his studies.  He found his calling at the Academy, and it's a calling he's been following ever since.  Men'ok Brea is a teacher, and he loves it.
     A student of the Enlisted Academy's Command Division, Men'ok was taught how to serve in a myriad of duty areas and divisional assignments, from engineering to medical.  As such, Men'ok has risen through the enlisted ranks in to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer, with Full Commissioned Status.  A skilled bureaucrat and educator, as well as a deft pilot, engineer, and field combat nurse, Chief Men'ok Brea goes to GYPSY Fleet with skills more then required for the Command Master Chief of Task Force billet.  For over twenty years Chief Men'ok has served Starfleet with excellence and maturity, and he shows no signs of giving in yet.  He will be greatly missed by NOVA Fleet, and all the men and women in on Deep Space Seven he has touched through out the years.
Vice-Admiral Leroy Zaine Hutton
Commanding Officer, NOVA Fleet
ACADEMY CLASS  Starfleet Enlisted Academy, Command Division; 2392
PREVIOUS BILLET  Dean Administrator, Starfleet Academy Outreach
 The Silver Palm with Cluster
 The Golden Palm
 The Golden Palm with Cluster
 The Star Cross
 The Starfleet Service Award
 Starfleet Accredidation of Piloting Excellence, Second Class
Men'ok Brea is born on Cardassia Prime.
Enrolled;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Advanced Enlisted Training, Command Division 
Accepted;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Advanced Enlisted Training, Command Division
Graduated;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Advanced Enlisted Training, Command Division;  Thirty First Highest
Rank in Class of 17,008 Students
Promotion;  Crewman, Second Class
Assigned;  USS Lincolnshire, NCC 45731;
Shuttlecraft Pilot
Commendation;  The Silver Palm;
Awarded for Valor and Selflessness Regarding an Encounter Where
the Lincolnshire had been Disabled by Renegade Gorn.  Men'ok
Attempted to Defend the Ship with the Type XI Shuttle he had been
Piloting at the Time of Attack, 7.25.2392.
Promotion;  Crewman, First Class
Assigned;  USS Crazy Horse, NCC 16023-C;
Shuttlecraft Technician
Promotion;  Petty Officer, Third Class
Commendation;  The Silver Palm with Cluster;
Awarded for Valor and Selflessness Regarding an Encounter Where
the Crazy Horse had been Boarded by Pakled Scavengers.  Men'ok
took Command of his Fellow Shuttlecraft Technicians After Their
Superior Officer had been Killed in the Intial Attack, and Oraganized
a Tactical Resistance that Would Allow Other Officers to Regain
Control of the Ship, 2.18.2397.
Promotion;  Petty Officer, Second Class
Promotion;  Petty Officer, First Class
Assigned;  USS Corina, NCC 1867-B;
Educational Supervision Officer, Civilian Education Division
Promotion;  Chief Petty Officer
Commendation;  The Golden Palm;
Awarded for Valor and Selflessness Regarding an Encounter Where
During an Attack on the ship by Enemy Forces, Men'ok was Severly
Burned by a Plasma Fire Caused by an Exploded Conduit While
Assuring his Students Made to the Clear Zone Without Harm,
Promotion;  Senior Chief Petty Officer
Commendation;  The Golden Palm with Cluster;
Awarded for Valor and Selflessness Regarding an Encounter Where
a Vengeful Klingon Attempted to Assassinate the Son of the Visiting
Admiral Ki, and Men'ok was Able to Incapasitate the Warrior, Only
After Being Brutally Beaten, 3.14.2401.
Assigned;  Space Station, Deep Space Seven;
Educational Supervision Officer; Civilian and Enlisted Education
Divisions, Starfleet Academy Outreach, Campus Deep Space Seven
Promotion;  Master Chief Petty Officer
Commendation; Starfleet Accredidation of Piloting Excellence,
Second Class Ranking;  Awarded for Masterful Piloting Technique
on all Starfleet Vessel Classifications, including:  Duty, Fleet, and
Capital, tested 7.29.2404.
Commendation;  The Star Cross;
Awarded for Conspicious Gallantry and Honorable Conduct
Regarding an Encounter Where Men'ok Placed Himself in the Path
of a Breen Disrupter Beam to Protect a Tholian Ambassor Key
to the Federation's Continued Alpha Quadrant Alliance, 12.24.2404.
Assigned;  Space Station, Deep Space Seven;
Dean Administrator, Starfleet Academy Outreach
Promotion;  Warrant Officer
Commendation;  The Starfleet Service Award;
Awarded for Twenty Years of Active Service in Starfleet's Enlisted
Command Division
Fleet Transfer;  GYPSY Fleet
Assigned;  USS Chillicothe, NCC 6039;
Educational Supervision Officer, Civilian Division
Assigned;  USS Chillicothe, NCC 6039;
Command Master Chief of Task Force (Chief of the Boat)
Promotion;  Command Master Chief Petty Officer