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DIVISION  Sciences, Medical
RANK  Lieutenant, Junior Grade
CURRENT BILLET  Chief Medical Officer
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT  U.S.S. Chillicothe, Gypsy Fleet
COMMANDING OFFICER  Commander Vincent Chassuer
- -
NAME  Lonip, Della
SPECIES  Trill, Joined
HEIGHT  1.77m
WEIGHT  95.7kg
HAIR  Brown
EYES  Blue
- -
HOMEWORLD  Bohn'rah Villak, Trill
DATE OF BIRTH  March 3rd, 2388
     SPOUSE  -
     MOTHER  Gernah Ferlok - [Trill, Unjoined/Female/64 STY] 
     FATHER  Messa Ferlok - [Trill, Unjoined/Male/67 STY] 
     SIBLINGS  Hunah Ferlock - [Trill, Unjoined/Male/35 STY] 
 Surah Gerix - [Trill, Joined/Female/32 STY] 
 Judaf Ferlok - [Trill, Unjoined/Female/14 STY] 
- -
HOBBIES/INTERESTS  Della enjoys many physical activities, ranging from hiking and mountian
 climbing, to swimming and yoga excercises.  Della holds the rank of
 bara-jul (one of the art's highest ranks) in the study of the Klingon martial 
 art, mok'bara, and practises quite frequently.  Della also enjoys collecting
 rare dolls of all cultures, but he has a special fondness in his heart for 
 Terran porcelain dolls in pretty dresses.

     "Della is a very capable and caring indivual, quite capable of becoming the physician he hopes to be.  He is confident, pragmatic, and would make a fine addition to any medical staff Starfleet has.  Della's condifence, however, fails to extend to his personal life.  This often appears to portray Della with a continued, false sense of isolation." 
                                                                         Dean Administrator Tellor Ponik
                                                                         Symbiosis Commission of Trill 
     Originally Della Ferlock, Doctor Lonip is a joined Trill with a normally positive attitude.  Della knew from a very early age that he wanted to be joined, and always pressed himself to the very edge of his abilities so as to one day be accepted to the Trill Symbiosis University.  His efforts became more inspired when his oldest sister, Surah, was accepted, and later joined with the Gerix symbiont.  At the age of eleven, he was accepted to the university.
     For six years, Della exercised by mind and body, training himself for the right to be remembered forever.  His university experience was rewarding and his instructors universally saw him as a brilliant, and very optimistic, though perhaps naive, young candidate with a proper and wonderful life ahead of him.
     After being rejected for joining on three separate occasions, Della was finally accepted for joining with the Lonip symbiont at the age of seventeen standard terran years.  One year later, the implantation and joining occurred, and six months later, following adjustment counseling and physical rehabilitation, Della was declared officially, and safely, joined, and left to his own vices.
     Following that, with one dream accomplished, Della turned to his next dream, and challenge;  joining Starfleet, and becoming a physician.  His application to the Academy, sponsored by long time family friend, and then Commander and Chief of Starfleet Medical, the late Admiral Franklin Ulbrana, was accepted in relatively short order.
     As something of an aside, Della makes no effort at hiding his homosexuality, though he does remain insecure in actually pursuing relationships.
ACADEMY CLASS  Starfleet Academy San Fransisco, Medical Division 2412
PREVIOUS BILLET  Assistant Chief Medical Officer - [Cadet Cruise Capasity]
COMMENDATIONS  The Starfleet Copper Star of Bravery 
 Flag Staff, Admiralty, Bequest for Bridge Officer Promotion
Della Ferlok is born on Trill.
Accepted;  Trill Symbiosis Commission University
Graduated;  Trill Symbiosis Commission University;
Choosen to be Joined with symbiont Lonip
Joined successfully with symbiont Lonip;
Name changed to signify new Joined status
Enrolled;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Sciences Division, Medical Studies
Accepted;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Sciences Division, Medical Studies
Assigned;  USS Toranda, NCC 86974-A;
Assistant Chief Medical Officer;  Cadet Cruise
Graduated;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Sciences Division, Medical Studies;  Accredited Medical
Practitioner; Fourth Highest Rank in Class of 61,589 Students
Assigned;  USS Chillicothe, NCC 6039;
Department Head;  Chief Medical Officer
Commendation;  The Starfleet Copper Star of Bravery;
Awarded for Selfless Bravery Exhibited During the Maquis
Attack on Spacedock in the Sol system, 2.19.2413.
Letter of Merit;  Flag Staff, Admiralty;  Admiral Stephan Hortan,
Commander and Chief, Starfleet Sciences Division, Medical
Studies;  Bequest for Bridge Officer Training and Promotion

    His parents and siblings were one and all, incredibly proud of Della's accomplishment, with the possible exception of Hunah, who applied for the University, and was denied previously.  Hunah is incredibly bitter, and holds very quiet resentment toward both Surah and Della.  Della's youngest sister, Judaf, has applied for the University, following her sister and brother's success, and is awaiting approval of her application.

     The following is a list of Lonip's previous hosts, with a very brief notion of who and what they were, how they died, and what Della might have gained from their memories.  Listed in order, from Lonip's first host, up until the host directly before Della;

        Kulara (m);  A famous archeologist and sociologist, who was key to the discovery of the underground ruins located on the southern most continent of Tau M'Argos III, attributed to the pre-M'Argon cave people.  He led a fruitful but short life, before passing away in a cave accident just before fully deciphering the sand script located in the aforementioned caves.  Five centuries later, the caves of Tau M'Argos III are still being excavated.  From Kulara, Della has garnered his knowledge and interest in the histories of other worlds, along with his passing interest in archeology.

        Paff'd (f);  A renowned fiction writer, Paff'd's true calling was as mother and wife.  She wrote seventeen novels and sixty two novellas.  Her most famous work was 'Gerkil Ori Pal'tara Beri', a mystery in which a romulan poses as a vulcan ambassador, in order to seek revenge on a crooked Federation diplomat who had his parents killed, when the ship they were on malfunctioned and drifted past the Neutral Zone.  Paff'd passed away peacefully of old age, surrounded by her ten children and many loved ones.  Her husband, Ullari Huna, was also joined, allowing for the possibility of re-association.  Her work is still considered inspired.  Della's love of holofiction, and a portion of his nurturing and 'maternal' instincts stem from Paff'd's memories.

        Quell (f);  A brash Starfleet officer, command division, who attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander before being accidently killed on an away mission, a survey mission prior to first contact with a narrowly post-warp technology society.  Commander Quell was a crack pilot, with a long list of commendations and reprimands in her file.  Very competitive, Quell looked at everything as a challenge.  From Quell, Dela is likely to have learned some of the secrets behind piloting both a starship, and shuttlecraft, as well as some in depth knowledge of the bueacracy that is Starfleet Command.  From Quell, Della also inherited a definitive fear of spiders.

        Io (m);  Best known for his athletic achievements in the fields of swimming and diving, Io brought a resurgence to the lost aquatic competitive sports.  In his elder years, he married another joined trill, named Obrie Benla, allowing yet another possibility for re-association, and have three children.  Of which, one, Rajas Ferki, his oldest daughter, was eventually joined.  A third possibility for re-association.  Io died of a very sever strain of Julimola-huma virus in his late seventies.  His love of the water survives to this day in Della.

        Kava (m);  An insecure, but brilliant civilian engineer, Kava lived a very solitary, but very fruitful life.  Kava redesigned and revolutionized the science of warp dynamics and warp field generation with his inspired method of reconfiguring the dilithium crystal articulation frame to allow for recomposition of the dilithium matrix with in the matter/antimatter stream.  Kava also helped in the conceptual design of many Federation, as well as Starfleet, starships, most specifically the Galaxy- and Danube-class starships and runabouts, respectively.  Kava died alone, as was barely found in time to have the symbiont transplanted to another host.  From Kava, Della has been granted some base ideals of structural and conceptual starship design.  Also, a touch of Kava's insecurity shows through in to Della, especially in romantic situations, as Della is relatively insecure about such things to begin with.

        Makileraw (f);  A commissioned Starfleet officer, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, junior grade, and holding the title of Ship's Counselor, Makileraw served with distinction on board the USS Fondue for several years, before the ship was destroyed by the Borg at the battle of Wolf 359.  Makileraw was confident and beautiful, not to mention incredibly resourceful.  She had a genuine need to help people, and never gave up until the giving was good.  She never lacked for suitors, who were drawn to her by her positive attitude and genuine good looks.  Before her ship was destroyed, the order to abandon ship was given.  She, along with a small family consisting of two children, managed to get in to an escape pod.  The pod itself was fired at, but held together, and was later retrieved by the Enterprise-D.  Makileraw was dead when the pod was found, but only the father of the family she had saved had passed.  From Makileraw, Della has gained a certain confidence in all things related to his job, as well as a definitive attraction to men with long, dark hair, and light colored eyes.  Della also has inherited a genuine caring for others from his most recent previous host, which only added to the caring that was already there, and a good many who knew Makileraw would have been proud to know that Lonip found it's way to a man as similar to the woman they knew.

     For note, regarding the time between Lonip's last joining and his current;  The ejection from the Fondue that killed Makileraw, nearly also killed the symbiont.  Only after several years of rehabilitation in the underground nutrient pools on the trill homeworld, did the scar tissue surrounding the symbiont's neural receptors fade enough that it would again be considered for joining.