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DIVISION  Operations;  Security/Tactical
RANK  Lieutenant, Junior Grade
CURRENT BILLET  Chief Security Officer
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT  U.S.S. Ariane, Gypsy Fleet
COMMANDING OFFICER  Captain Karina Swift
- -
NAME  Tawk
SPECIES  Ferengi
HEIGHT  1.67m
WEIGHT  38.03kg
HAIR  None
EYES  Brown
- -
HOMEWORLD  Donbak, Ferenginar
DATE OF BIRTH  January 14th, 2388
     SPOUSE  -
     MOTHER  Dooga - [Ferengi/Female/52 STY] 
     FATHER  Loj'pob - [Ferengi/Male/71 STY] 
     SIBLINGS  Yub - [Ferengi/Male/31 STY] 
 Xant - [Ferengi/Female/21 STY] 
 Zop - [Ferengi/Male/14 STY] 
 Danlo - [Ferengi/Female/7 STY]
- -
HOBBIES/INTERESTS  Tawk is a lover of most all things military, but has in him a special interest
 in military history and archeology, culture inspecific.  He has a special
 interest in early projectile weapons, and melee weapons that power cells
 (such as early human firearms and Ferengi plasma whips).  Tawk is also a
 fanatic unarmed martial arts enthusiast, and has taken the time to study several
 different varieties of unarmed combat (and had become quite proficient in
 no less the four of them--Starfleet Martial Arts, mok'bara, in-branto, and 
 karate are all combat styles at which he holds the highest attainable rank),
 and has several trophies and holovids matches held all across the Alpha and
 Beta Quadrants.  On the less aggressive side of his psyche, Tawk enjoys most
 of the things an average Ferengi would at his age.  Tawk has been known to
 indulge every so often in a holodeck fantasy of adventure or romance, and he
 especially likes Ferengi standard cuisine (most notably, tube grubs).  He is
 very interested in women and the prospect of inter species relationships.  It's
 this particular interest that led him to the study of Klingon, Romulan, Human,
 and Cardassian cultures, as well as their respective mating rituals.  It is also
 that particular hobby that eventually led to an unseemly addiction to somewhat
 trashy, 'Harlequin' romance novels, popular during Earth's late twentieth
 century.  And, finally, like all good Ferengi, Tawk has a special little place in
 his brown, Ferengi heart for latinum (though he won't stoop as low as most
 Ferengi will to obtain it).

     "Tawk is an excellent officer, and a committed soldier.  His attitude is both optimistic, and realistic.  He seems to have a very solid grasp on what it is he is expected to do, and how he is expected to act in a military environment.  Calm, cool, and collected under pressure, this young man has shown himself to have a strong, analytical mind, that is nearly as sharp as my own.  Though hesitant at first, I believe Ensign Tawk will no doubt eventually rise to the ranks of Starfleet's elite.  I wish him the greatest of luck in all his future endeavors." 
                                                                         Commander Issac Denor Montoya
                                                                         Ship's Counselor;  USS Davenport
     Born in to the trade, so to speak, Tawk spent his youth dreaming of becoming a great Daimon in the Ferengi Navy, just like his father.  His dreams, however, were crushed when his father was caught smuggling slaves and was summarily stripped of his Ferengi Business License by the Ferengi Commerce Commission (FCC).  Shunned by other Ferengi profitters, Tawk's family was forced to seek refuge outside of Ferengi space in order to even make a quarter of the profits they once earned.
     Eventually, they came to settle on Spacedock, where they bought out the bar and eatery 'The Big, Blue Marble' from the Bolian who had owned it for over a decade.  Tawk, still stuffed with dreams of sailing the stars, shifted his adventurous gaze from the Ferengi Navy to Starfleet.  There were still profits to be made, and everyone in his family said that Tawk had a natural, commanding aura about him.  He had to coceed that a Captain would almost as good as a Daimon.  It wasn't until he witnessed a Klingon martial-arts exhibition on the Marketplace Deck Three of Spacedock's Promenade levels, however, that he fully decided what it was he wanted to do in his life.  He watched a small Grazite, probably no larger them himself, down a fully armed and armored Klingon warrior in less the three minutes.  Tawk became obsessed.
     Soon, profits were secondary (if not tertiary) to the knowledge and the skill he felt he needed to obatin.  Military history, culture, and the arts of personal, vehicular, and space warfare became his life.  He studied over twenty two different styles of martial arts, and became quite proficient in four of them.  It wasn't long after he obtained the mark of his fourth mastered unarmed combat technique, that he went on to master the technique required to field strip a compression phaser rifle in a minute and a half minutes.  The life of a waiter and barkeep was so far beyond him now.  He applied for Starfleet Academy when he turned sixteen, operations division, with specializations in Security/Tactical, Engineering and Operations Management.
     His Academy Squadmates laughed at him, and told him that he was to small and to weak to be a good Security Officer.  Not only did he prove them wrong, he did it with style and finesse.  Time after time he proved that his small frame did not limit his tactical abilities in any way, shape or form. Not only that, but he in some unknown method that is still confusing his Academy instructors, Tawk managed to apply his money-driven upbringing and knowledge of stock probabilities to bear in tactical space combat, creating his personal system by which he used applied knowledge with equitable percentages to determine what the enemy will most likely do next.
ACADEMY CLASS  Starfleet Academy San Fransisco, Operations Division; 2409
PREVIOUS BILLET  Assistant Chief Security Officer
COMMENDATIONS  Grankite Order of Tactics (Class of Excellence)
 Award of Marksmanship, First Class
Tawk is born on Ferenginar.
Enrolled;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Operations Division; Security/Tactical, Operations Management,
and Engineering Studies
Accepted;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Operations Division; Security/Tactical Studies
Assigned;  USS Westchester, NCC 84572-B;
Security/Tactical Operations Officer;  Cadet Cruise
Graduated;  Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Campus;
Operations Division; Security/Tactiall Studies; Twenty Seventh
Highest Rank in Class of 59,011 Students
Promotion;  Ensign
Assigned;  USS Davenport, NCC 91823;
Department Head;  Assistant Chief Security Officer
Commendation;  Award of Marksmanship, First Class;
Awarded for Outstanding Marksmanship with all Regulated Starfleet
Personnel Use Ranged Phased Energy (Phaser) Weapons
Commendation;  Grankite Order of Tactics (Class of Excellence);
Awarded for Valiant Tatical Skill Shown During an Encounter with
Hostile Breen Forces on the Outskirts of the Badlands, 4.11.2411.
Assigned;  USS Davenport, NCC 91823;
Department Head;  Chief Security Officer
Promotion;  Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Assigned;  USS Ariane, NCC 53015;
Department Head;  Chief Security Officer