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Uss Challenger's Dedication Plaque
---===[ SD 130326 ]===---

Depart Zeus Orbital Station, Sparta [bs]

---===[ SD 130330 ]===---

0900 Mary Kate meets with Davis and Hack Blocker regarding anew ship for Gypsy Fleet. [jd/bc]

---===[ SD 130331 ]===---

1432 Siobhan says goodbye to the USS POTEMKIN and her Captain. [kt]
1758 After her meeting with Admiral Clarkson on Earth, Siobhan leaves for SB GABRIEL by D-Warp. [kt]

---===[ SD 130406 ]===---

0656 Siobhan arrives at SB GABRIEL and is escorted to Admiral Remington's office [kt]
0734 Arriving at the Admiral's office Commander Kavanagh's thoughts are of the Starship she saw on the way here as she waits for the Admiral. [kt]
1652 Transport ship enroute to Starbase Gabriel - Kieran suffers d-warp sickness. [cp]

---===[ SD 130409 ]===---

1500 Commander Kavanagh is offered command of the USS CHALLENGER [jd]
1530 A new captain is born. [kt/jd]
1545 It's just one of those days on GABRIEL as the Yard Superintendent takes the Admiral and the Captain on a tour of her new command... even if it isn't quite hers yet. [bc]

---===[ SD 130412 ]===---

1131 Transport ship enroute to Starbase Gabriel - Kieran arrives, still ill. [cp]
1408 The Promenade, Starbase Gabriel - Hawking learns there's a 'bad side' of Gabriel... like... all of them. [cp]
1457 Waiting room for Admiral Mary Catherine Remington - Kieran reports for duty.[cp/jd]
1515 Warrant Officer Russell Gregory finishes a status report to his superior officer, Lieutenant Commander Kinesha Vahn, before getting a page to pay a visit to Admiral Remington. [tm]
1534 Mary Kate's late... as usual lately. [cp/jd]
1548 After bumping in to Cadet Hawking outside Admiral Remington's office, Mary Kate plays a brief game of cat and mouse with Gregory about his transfer requests before promoting him toChief Warrant
Officer and giving him an assignment on USS CHALLENGER, as the Chief of Security. [tm]

---===[ SD 130418 ]===---

In Transit, McKinley Station, Terra [bs]

---===[ SD 130425 ]===---

Approach Starbase Gabriel [bs]
Report to VADM Remington, Starbase Gabriel [bs]

---===[ BD 3 ]===---

1457 Cadet Hawking finds out he's being sent to the USS CHALLENGER. [cp]
1630 On her way to get something to eat Siobhan meets a young girl who seems almost as enchanted with CHALLENGER as she is. [kt/tm]
1725 Jocelyn runs across an old friend in Siobhan at Markat's on GABRIEL. [am]
1725 The CHALLENGER's Chief Counselor reports - rather informally. [kt]
2203 Restless and unable to sleep, Kieran decides to go for a run, and manages to run straight into a broken pipe, slicing his leg open. [cp]

---===[ BD 4 ]===---

0457 Captain Kavanagh receives a message in the middle of the night regarding more of her senior staff. [kt]
0548 After taking a walk over to look at CHALLENGER, the soon-to-be FCO is informed that Captain Kavanagh is aboard the ship. He takes a shuttle over to the ship, and reports to the Captain. [cp/kt]
1316 Chief of Security, Chief Warrant Officer Russell Gregory reports for duty. [kt/tm]
1820 Jeremy talks to Sol after his meeting with the Admiral. [bs]
2100 Slater settles into his new assignment. [bs]
2300 Siobhan chooses an XO. [kt]

---===[ BD 5 ]===---

0730 T'gana receives her marching orders, much to the dismay of her CO. [kg]
0830 He meets his senior NCO and obtains information on the USS Challenger's Marine Detachment. [bs]
1000 Aboard the D-warp to SB-Gabriel, T'gana engages in some cultural enlightenment. [kg]
1300 He commences his search for Captain Kavanagh aboard USS Challenger, finds her in what will eventually be her ready room and reports for duty. Siobhan puts the Marines to work. [bs/kt]
1700 Lt Slater returns to his quarters and meets his orderly [bs]
1800 Lt Slater meets the members of his detachment, explains his personal philosophy and informs them of their first assignment. [bs]

---===[ BD 7 ]===---

1845 T'gana reports in to Admiral Remington [kg]
2100 At long last, Challenger has an XO. [kg]
2100 The XO reports. [kt]

---===[ BD 8 ]===---

0300 Siobhan arrives home in the early hours. [kt]
0751 T'gana arises and heads to work. [kg]
0900 Siobhan wakes up - late - and rushes to work. [kt]
1000 The Marines engage in various maintenance and repair activities. [bs]
1000 Intra-ship communications are repaired, and the Captain discovers that her ready room is starting to look like a ready room. [kt]
1030 T'gana gets a Vulcan-type glow crossing 'communications' off her to-do list. [kg]
1300 T'gana and Pvt Sanchez engage in a culinary exchange. [kg]
1400 Captain Kavanagh discovers that the Marines have other skills. [bs]
1400 After lunch in her ready room, Siobhan decides to take the Captain's Yacht for a spin... [kt]
1440 The captain finds T'gana in engineering. [kg]
1442 Siobhan gets a progress report from T'gana and informs the XO that she is taking the yacht out. The Vulcan is invited to join her when she points out that Siobhan shouldn't go on her own. [kt/kg]
1458 Siobhan & T'gana meet aboard the Captain's yacht and set off. [kt/kg]
1502 Lt. Roberge tries to make himself useful setting up thebiology lab. [am]
1832 Siobhan and T'gana get to know each other a little better and there is a problem with the warp core on the Captain's Yacht. [kt]
2219 Kieran resolves to get the impulse drives working on all the delivered ships, as well as CHALLENGER herself. [cp]
1112 The Captain & XO come to, and set to getting main power on the yacht back online. [kt]
---===[ BD 9 ]===---

0125 With main power back online, Siobhan sends a distress signal to CHALLENGER. [kt]
0130 Lieutenant Slater becomes aware of the emergency and discusses options with fellow officers. [bs]
0135 Marine detachment medic Brek Fredriksdotr is alerted for an urgent mission. [bs]
0150 Roberge, Slater, Hawking, Gregory and Fredriksdotr run into a few problems acquiring their rescue vehicle. [am]
0200 The rescue! [kg/kt]
0203 The group find out that the Captain's Yacht isn't where it's supposed to be. [am]
0205 Lieutenant Slater deals with the death of Pharmacist's Mate First Class Brek Fredriksdotr. [bs]
0208 The five crew of the searching Runabout search, and eventually find the Captain's ship. Unfortunately, by the time they spot the ship in uncharted space, it's in the tractor beam of an unidentified alien ship. [cp]
0214 The Admiral's private runabout, USS GULLIVER, loaded with the CHALLENGER's Senior Staff, is attacked by Maquis raiders while attempting a search and rescue mission meant to recover the CHALLENGER's two most senior of the Senior Staff and her Captain's Yacht. [tm]
0218 The senior staff attempt a rescue of the Captain and XO, with decidedly mixed success; the manage to get T'gana, but with her comes an angry, and gun-toting Klingon [cp]
0220 Upon arriving on the Admiral's yacht, the Captain learns that a member of her crew was lost during the battle with the Maquis, and has time to reflect on the events of the last few hours as they make their way back to Starbase GABRIEL. [kt]
0230 Slater returns to Starbase Gabriel and turns Fredriksdotr's body over to the proper authorities. [bs]
0230 Siobhan gets more than she bargained for when she visits GABRIEL's infirmary -- LT CMDR, Raffi Baran, her new CMO. [aj/kt]
0256 Kieran gets the ships in working order whilst admiring the work of the MCO [cp]
0?? Slater dreams during the night, awakes, speaks to his orderly and drafts a letter to the next of kin [bs]
1100 A couple of Marines begin to express their resentments [bs]
1130 Roberge visits Slater to check on him; they talk and depart for lunch. [bs]
2100 T'gana records the day's events in her personal log. [kg]
2118 While getting the impulse engines fully online, Kieran worksthrough some of the feelings, or lack thereof, that he has regarding the death of Fredriksdotr. [cp]
2150 Jocelyn visit's Siobhan after the incident on the yacht. [am/kt]

---===[ BD 10 ]===---

0811 Firing up two of CHALLENGER's three main drives is a success. Getting the third working is put on hold because of clutter. [cp]
1000 Marine detachment continues fitting out tasks. T'gana observes and comments. [bs/kt]
1130 Slater requests relief of the Marine detachment from fatigue duties; Kavanagh and Slater discuss arrangements for Fredriksdotr's funeral. [bs/kt]

---===[ BD 14 ]===---

0900 Lieutenant Slater sets Sergeant Calvin to scrounging something special [bs]

---===[ BD 18 ]===---

1100 Lieutenant Slater introduces the Marines to a weapon native to his home world. [bs]

---===[ BD 23 ]===---

1300 Lieutenant Slater and Lieutenant Roberge discuss philosophy and miracle working. [bs]

---===[ BD 27 ]===---

1623 CHALLENGER receives orders. [kg/kt]
1640 Lieutenant Slater and Gunny James are checking out the Crow's Nest for an unspecified purpose. [bs]

---===[ MD 1 ]===---

0755 Lieutenant Slater arrives in the Observation Lounge for the staff briefing. [bs]
0805 At the senior staff briefing, Siobhan informs the crew about their unexpected mission to the Malarpi sector, after promoting the FCO. [kt]
2356 Kieran wakes up from a disturbingly real dream where the computer has completely ceased to function. [cp]

---===[ MD 2 ]===---

0727 On the bridge, there is a problem with the computer. T'gana discovers, once it's brought back online, that someone in Engineering is responsible for the malfunction. [cp]
0730 Siobhan starts work early when there is an emergency on the bridge. [kt]
0835 After receiving word that one of the terraformers on the Malarpi project is being sent to join them, Lt Konoko Mitsubishi arrives. [kt]
0956 Staff briefing on the aliens [kt]
0945 - 1020 Raffi studies the scans of the "aliens" that Lt. Mitsubishi presented.... and asks some questions. [aj]
1010 Jocelyn throws his 2 cents worth in (in Canadian coin, so it's probably worth less than one American cent <g>) [am]
2337 Struggling with her role in this mission, and her memories of her last visit to the Malarpi sector, Konoko has too much to drink, and bumps into the Captain on a late night stroll. Siobhan is worried about her inability to reach the engineer... [kt/jh]
1155 Siobhan thinks through a couple of problems on her way to get some lunch... then finds herself with a new set of problems to worry about after talking with Jeremy and Jocelyn over lunch! [kt]
1205 Slater and Kavanagh speculate about the inhabitants of the Malarpi Sector. [bs]
1212 Jocelyn continues the discussion at lunch. [am]
1315 Jocelyn discovers that ancient Cardassian beliefs may be involved. [am]
1420 Lieutenant Slater briefs the Marines on their mission [bs]
1624 Holodeck 2, and Kieran is running and very pleased at what computers offer. [cp]

---===[ MD 3 ]===---

0030 Lieutenant Slater spends a fitful night and wakes very early [bs]
0630 Lieutenant Slater meets a Sciences officer and discusses theories about the planet. [bs]
0810 Lance Corporal Marais notes a change in Slater's routine [bs]
0820 Slater and Ensign Baumann continue discussing Slater's 'billiard-ball' theory [bs]
1115 Slater convinces Commander T'gana that his theory has some merit. [bs]

---===[ MD 4 ]===---

0830 Siobhan and T'gana discuss the away team. Despite her firstofficer's protests, the Captain decides that she will lead the team! [kt/kg]
2246 The new Communications Officer arrives. [jd]
2300 Siobhan greets the new communications officer [kt]

---===[ MD 5 ]===---

0007 Siobhan's 'quick visit' to the bridge after greeting Shahi turns into a bit of a nightmare! [kt]
0015 Lieutenant Slater is summoned to the briefing in the observation lounge. [bs/kt]
0130 The senior staff discuss possible options and the Captain decides on a course of action. [bs/kt]
0230 Siobhan finds that rescuing the lost crewman is more difficult than expected. [bs/kt]
0240 Roberge reminds everyone that the crew must also retrieve all Starfleet gear abandoned by the terraformers. [am]
0240 Siobhan thinks about their mission before the CNS points out some more bad news. [kt] 0300 Siobhan takes a walk around the ship in an attempt to stay awake, and bumps - quite literally - into the CSO. [tm/kt] 0315 Siobhan and Russell have coffee and Russell talks about his wife before the captain is called back to the bridge. [tm/kt]
0810 Lieutenant Slater tries to catch up on paperwork. [bs]
1400 Ensign Baumann discovers an alien presence on the planet surface [bs]
1515 The command staff reviews the situation. [bs]
1515 The senior staff discuss a new problem on the planet - an unexplained chroniton source. [kt]

---===[ MD 6 ]===---

0150 The natives of the planet make an appearance. [bs]
0155 Technician Galis is beamed from the planet and the natives witness a miracle [bs]
0155 The crew manage to locate Technician Galis, and he's beamed directly to sickbay. [kt]
0155 Dr. Raffi Baran examines Technician Galis Brin after he is beamed aboard and is surprised by his apparent lack of recognition and anxiety. [aj]
0205 Siobhan confronts Technician Galis. [bs]
0205 In sickbay, Galis medical condition is not good, and Siobhan is informed that he'll need surgery. After a long day, and much nagging from T'gana and Jocelyn, the captain calls it a night. [kt]
0300 Dr. Baran finishes operating on Technician Galis Brin to relieve the pressure on his brain caused by the head trauma. [aj]
0530 Shahi is put on standby in case she's needed to 'communicate' with Galis Brin. [jd]
1324 Kieran spends his lunchbreak with Freud! [cp]
1339 Back on the bridge, the FCO informs the captain that the ship is in the path of a storm [cp]
1340 Back on the bridge after some sleep, Kieran informs Siobhan that they have another problem - solar flares mean that they need to move away from the planet... [kt]
1340 Bridge, Kieran, feeling rather flushed with the Captain close by, guides the ship out of harm's way [cp]
1420 Dr. Baran is awoken from a catnap when alarms suddenly sound. He confronts Mr. Roberge who has been questioning Technician Galis Brin for about an hour. [aj]
1520 Lt. Shahi Ne-Zhoni is called to sickbay to assist in communicating with Technician Galis Brin. She has a remarkable "breakthrough" when Galis begins to tell her about his time on the planet. Baran interrupts as once again Galis becomes distraught and needs sedating. [aj]
1745 Kieran dictates notes to one of his friends with whom he has grand plans. [cp]
1854 Shahi reports to the captain what Brin finally tells her: he's a god; and he has to get back and defend his people from 'those who don't belong'. [jd]
1854 Shahi informs the captain, XO and Lt Roberge of her progress - Siobhan asks their advice. [kt]
1900 Makash Nagach, a jobbing Cardassian research associate gone very, very bad, is fleeing Romulan patrols on the planet. [jh]
1905 Roberge recommends, on a professional basis, that Galis void all contact with the planet's inhabitants, and that no one in the away team should have visibly "pointed" ears. [am]
1910 The Challenger's senior officers continue to consider options. [bs/kt]
1910 During the briefing, Dr. Baran explains the delicate condition of Technician Galis and suggests a few options in breaking through his mental block. [aj]
2220 The Romulans discuss their situation. [bs/kt]
2237 The Challenger discovers an unknown vessel leaving the planet's surface. [bs/kt]
2237 A few injured crew come into sickbay after the self-destruction of the Romulan vessel. [aj]
2239 The Romulans encounter Challenger. [bs/kt]
2240 Challenger hails the Romulan vessel. [bs/kt]
2242 The Romulans refuse to be boarded. [bs/kt]
2243 Bridge, Kieran watches people deal with the destruction of the Romulan ship, and readies their own for more action [cp]
2243 Siobhan is affected by the Romulan ships self destruction. [kt]
2250 Shahi gets a cut on the forehead... and you know how those head wounds are.... [jd/cp]
2250 Shahi's head wound is tended by Dr. Baran. As she is discharged, Dr. Baran is almost run over by Technician Konoko Mitsubishi who wants to talk to Technician Galis. [aj]
2301 Konoko goes to visit Galis in sickbay, and alludes to compliancy with the Romulans. [jh]
2302 Challenger is fired upon, and badly damaged by, planetside weaponry. [jh]
2303 Konoko tries to take stock, and makes for main engineering. [jh]
2305 Challenger is attacked. [kt]
2305 As Baran works returns to his office, the ship is hit by the disrupter blast. Baran organizes his teams to assist crewmembers injured around the ship. One emergency medical team goes to the Bridge. Dr. Baran and another doctor with their teams head toward Engineering. Baran finds the late chief engineer. (NRPG: I assume this will leave an opening for Konoko to take over the position?) [aj]
2310 The Romulans find themselves beset by dissention and unexpected problems. [bs]
2316 She gets to Main Engineering, and begins repairs. [jh]
2340 We flash forward to the principal cast setting Challenger to destroy herself. [jh]
2353 After the captain and FCO set the auto-destruct sequence, Konoko and the engineers are able to re-start the warp core. Siobhan and Kieran cancel the auto-destruct before heading back to the ship. [kt]
2353 Challenger gets away with it - but only just. [jh]

---===[ MD 7 ]===---

0003 Siobhan and Kieran chat on the way back to the bridge. Once back there, the conversation moves to mission related issues before Siobhan promotes the FCO to OPS/2O! [kt/cp]
0022 Konoko awaits her fate. [jh]
0214 On the planet, Makash suffers the effects of a cold night, as she manages to avoid the Romulans long enough to get some sleep. [kt/jh]
0225 Konoko finally confesses all to the captain. [kt/jh]
0300 With everything out in the open, Siobhan briefs the senior staff (again!) and prepares to take a team down to the planet and rescue the captured Federation terraformers. [kt/jh]
0900 The Romulans review their current situation. [bs]

---===[ Flashback... ]===---

N/A - Flashback: Ten days previously - Konoko and the Federation terraformers encounter Romulans, and an unknown race on a planet that was thought to be uninhabited.

---===[ Key ]===---
kt - Karen Thompson
kg - Katrina Gischer
cp - Colin Pritchett
jd - Jenny Dahl
am - Aaron MacRae
bs - Bruce Sinclair
jh - Jan Hogevold
tm - Travis Marcum
bc - Brian Cook
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